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999 Pure Gold Blissful Wedding Gold Coins Set


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Crafted in 999 Pure Gold.

The 999 Pure Gold Blissful Wedding Gold Coins Set feature four types of delightful animals that foster a blissful relationship in Feng Shui – the horse, the rooster, the rat and the rabbit.

All engraved with the blessings of Double Happiness (喜喜), the 999 Pure Gold Blissful Wedding Gold Coins Set features the Red Horse complemented with wedding lanterns that enhances love luck. The Yellow Rooster perched highly along with blooming peony flowers and wedding lamps promotes the blossoming of love and marriage. The Blue Rat standing on top of a marriage sedan brings romance and marriage luck, with placement in the North of your home an invitation to enhanced love and romance. The Green Rabbit placed next to a wedding cake signifies an abundance of love.

Tap onto the energy of these four animal symbols from these gold coins to turn on your Peach Blossom Luck. Presented in a lovely floral box, display it prominently in your home to strengthen love relationships, encourage close bonds in the family and protect against negative energy of temptation.